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Gloria Martín


08.04 - 11.05.2017

In ORO, Gloria Martin’s first solo exhibition in Tarragona, the artist reworks the museum concept and the idea of the artistic heritage through her regular artistic medium: painting.

Actually, this has been her lead reflection in her latest projects. Such is the case of “Cerámica Pintada”, shown at Galería Silvestre_Madrid, where she reflected on the ancestral Ceramic Technique. Or, in her latest exhibition “Bien de Interés Cultural” at Galería Birimbao in Seville, she focused her attention on the symbolic value of the heritage as a form of representation concerning the collective identities.

Nowadays, she is presenting ORO, an exhibition where she reflects on the concept of “sacred” in both, the material (gold) and the object. It is, therefore, a reflection on the idea of “sacred” in Art through a series of paintings where some archaeological objects are depicted together with various artistic pieces from different periods whose common nexus is the material itself.

In this solo exhibition, Gloria Martín goes on investigating installative dimension of her painting. And she does it, trying to relate the pictorial space to the exhibition space.

Gloria Martín Montaño's website.

Here you can download the information about Gloria Martin's exhibition

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