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Joyas aparte

To think about jewelry is to think about the body and how it becomes modified when the time comes to have the responsibility to carry a jewel. In that very moment, the jewel turns out to be an intimate and close art work that we are wearing.

Thinking about jewelry is thinking about miniatures, meditating on the measure of everything by starting from the body, the hand or the finger. This conception of jewelry considers this artistic expression in a dynamic way, in terms of connection, communication and creation of little stories that begin to circulate. Little maps, ideas, concepts, marks, memories; Elements that adapt to our own way of understanding and questioning the world.

This jewelry series brings 3 jeweler groups into focus that defend a kind of jewelry really close to the spectator. This is jewelry that converts him/her into the exhibitor and makes him/her become aware of his/her new status. So, the person who wears the jewel understands what he/she is wearing and he/she is able to explain why he/she is wearing it. In this way, that person turns into the artist’s spokesperson.

Hence, it’s really important to manage the transmission of what we understand by jewelry to the wearers. Here, we would like to analyze and think about this connection between body-jewel because these are jewels that explain and modify thoughts.

It’s especially interesting thinking about how jewels stroll through the city, invading it. But, here, the way that jewels will invade the space will be decided by every single person who visits Galería Silvestre.


Inauguración el jueves 30 de marzo de 2017 a las 19:00h

Del 30 de marzo al 1 de abril

EN VIAJE es una conexión extraña entre el pasado y el presente, entre la gente que por causas diferentes toman la iniciativa de moverse, de trasladarse. De manera inconsciente elije el agua como nexo.

Gloria Gastaldi, 1965

Ciudad de Río Cuarto, Córdoba. Argentina
Vive y trabaja en Barcelona

Desde 1990 se dedica a la Joyería, después de transitar un largo período dentro de la cerámica.

Autodidacta, formada a partir de una gran intuición, curiosidad y el haber trabajado con grandes profesionales , como Carmen Amador, quién fue una de sus maestras e impulsora de éste proyecto en cincelado.

Joya Express. Sábado 1 de abril. 12:00h.

Beatrice Bizot, Núria Rión, Mireia Calaf, Xús Anglès i Raquel Aliaga

Ciclo comisariado y dirigido por Núria Anguren.

Núria Anguren

(Reus, 1980). Núria lives and works in Tarragona. She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the Universitat de Barcelona. She obtained her Higher National Diploma in Sculpture at Escola Massana de Barcelona, and she also obtained her Higher National Diploma in Artistic Jewellery at Escola d’Art de Tarragona (EADT), where she currently imparts practical lessons about Jewelry Projects. She took several courses in different jewelry techniques at Taller Perill in Barcelona.

Núria Anguren is part of the Joyas Sensacionales collective, which is coordinated by the artist Silvia Walz.

In 2004, she was a co-curator at the Centre de Lectura de Reus.

She coordinated the exhibition “Homenajeo a Tomàs Palos” in Tarragona, and the series of exhibitions “Una Escuela, Diferentes Miradas” with Eugènia Arnavat. She also coordinated the project “Tiranía Estética, Antijoyas y Presencias Imposibles”, in collaboration with Vanessa H. Sánchez and Pedro Alba.

Núria Anguren's website

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