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Gabriela Bettini

Madrid, 1977

She lives and works in Madrid

Her current interests are focused on researching the early stages of cultural colonisation in relation to their legacy nowadays. From a specific revision of the History of Painting and the representation of the landscape - through which she observes how this medium has been used to strengthen the ideas on which Western hegemonic thought-, she analyses the combination of the current environmental crisis along with a extractivist model that places women as a paradigm of multiple caused by the climate change.

He has worked on the postmemory, on a group of works that revise the dominant narratives of the generation that lived the Argentine dictatorship and also link the archive to her own biography. In addition, many of her projects revolve around the domestic space which, on several occasions, has been analysed by her with the curious, astonished attitude of the one who has inherited the process of the exile from the experience of the second generation.

In her drawings and videos, she has approached life experiences on the fringes of the History which reveal the emptiness resulting from the attempt to conciliate the memories, the politics of memory and the official narratives. Gabriela Bettini has approached intermediary places to highlight the way in which certain experiences and their traces remain inscribed on them. She has also been interested in elements that symbolize the journey between realities, whose insterticial character has been interpreted by her as a metaphor for the state of liminality, openness and ambiguity of those who pass through them.

IN 2017, Gabriela Bettini won the First Prize at Obra Abierta, Premio Internacional de Artes Plásticas, organized by Caja de Extremadura and the Grant to the Creation in Visual Arts awarded by the Comunidad de Madrid. In 2016, she has obtained the MAEC-AECID Grant for Painting at the Royal Spanish Academy in Roma (RAER).

She lives in Madrid and she is represented by Galería silvestre in Madrid.

Gabriela Bettini's website.

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