Martinho Costa inaugurates the exhibition "Como Si No Hubiera Un Mañana" in collaboration with Ricardo Casas.


Next Saturday, September 25, the artist Martinho Costa will inaugurate "Como Si No Hubiera Un Manãna", an exhibition made in collaboration with the artist Ricardo Cases. It is a series of 17 paintings originated from an archive made by the photographer on purpose to be painted. They are images that bear witness to the floods that cyclically affect the Orihuela region. They will be exhibited as part of the fourth edition of the photography festival Fotomatón in Orihuela, Alicante.

Martinho Costa participates in the group exhibition Espaço, Tempo, Matéria, at the Convento da Mare de Deus da Verderena in Barreiro


Espaço, Tempo, Matéria is an exhibition that brings together a group of 14 artists, including gallery artist Martinho Costa, around the space of the Convento da Madre De Deus da Verderena in Barreiro. The exhibition is curated by Estação Sul e Sueste. Costa will present a sequence of 21 small-format paintings installed in the cloister of the building, works that have been made from an inventory of aspects of the convent itself.

Casa d’Avenida presents “CASA”, an exhibition by Martinho Costa and Rui Macedo


The opening of the exhibition will take place next Saturday 22 of May at Casa d’Avenida, Setúbal, Portugal.

Gloria Martín presents “Propuesta para una colección temporal", a solo exhibition at Sala de la Capilla del Hospital Real organised by FACBA 21


The show proposes a dialogue between the artist’s work and diverse pieces of the University of Granada heritage collections. From 12 of March to 21 of April 2021.

Vicente Blanco participates in Cultivar incertezas: reformular el espacio / conmocionar la mirada, a group show that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Fine Arts Faculty of Pontevedra (19990-2020) - until 23 May 2021 at CGAC


The project aims to display an important selection of artworks created by the students who have passed through its classrooms during its more than a quarter of a century of activity. Thirty artists have been selected, covering the time span of different study promotions—from the graduates of the early years of the faculty to those who are still finishing, right now, their studies. Each artist will be represented in the exhibition by a work, or a collection, that is particularly relevant to their trajectory. The vast majority of works chosen are ones that have been purchased by museums, institutions and private collections—many belonging to the CGAC Collection—thus closing the circle of the essential social and institutional support of artistic production.

Curatorship: Ángel Cerviño.

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