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Gloria Martín

Cerámica Pintada

An archaeological sample

19.11.2016 - 18.01.2017

“Cerámica pintada” is the title of Gloria Martin’s second solo exhibition at Galería Silvestre_Madrid.

This is a simple project which was developed, in a natural way, during the months when the artist had to combine her Art Work and a temporary employment teaching painting techniques applied to ceramics in the Art School in Jerez.

During that time, in her studio activity, she considered doing the opposite, in a game-like way, by applying ceramics techniques to painting.

On the other hand, this is a reflection about the importance of ceramics, an ancestral technique whose result is a long-lasting material that lasts throughout centuries. Painting moves, but pottery remains. This is where the relevance of ceramics resides in an archaeological field, it’s a witness that allows us not only know past customs and traditions, but also know how Painting was in the antiquity.

In this exhibition, the artist resumes the instalative nature of her starting paintings, in an attempt to link the pictorial space to the exhibition space.

The paintings that make up this exhibition, as is usual in Gloria Martin’s works, take as a reference the museum universe and the enshrinement of the object as a relic. Her sources of inspiration have been various Archaeological Museums such as Seville, Córdoba, Jerez or Madrid, and even those that she visited during her trips such as the Royal Museum of Art and History (Belgium), the French National Museum or the Archaeological Museum in Florence.

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